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We all know academics are essential to one’s future, but do you also know that similar studies conducted by Harvard University, Stanford Research Institute and the Carnegie Foundation indicate that over 85% of one’s career success is directly connected to one’s social skills.




  Everyday Etiquette Basics An overview of a variety of basic everyday etiquette principles including:
  • The importance of first impressions and proper handshakes to face-to-face interaction and good body language
  • Conversation skills, polite introductions, how to handle mistakes, and using tact
  • Party do's and don't's (how to get invited back), and thank you notes
  • Proper dining skills including a variety of service scenarios (including the proper way to eat soup as well as which fork to use and which bread plate is yours)
  • Making the most of a toast and other urban pleasantries
  • Business etiquette including overview, meeting and presentation etiquette
  • Office politics and social sensitivity
  • What to wear when
  • Six-week workshop, one-hour class each week: $150 for series
  • Call for class dates
Interview Skills 79% of applicants do not get the job due to lack of proper social skills
  • Interview preparation and resumes
  • Interview attire
  • Research for the interview
  • Participating in the interview including when to arrive, what to do (and not do) while you're waiting
  • In the interview skills
  • Terminating the interview and follow-up activities
  • Beyond the interview social skills
  • Two hour workshop fee: $35
  • Call for class dates

First Day on the Job Etiquette Everything you need to know to make a great impression at your first real job
  • What to expect
  • What to wear
  • How life is different
  • Avoiding the common pitfalls
  • Navigating your new environment successfully
  • Introduction to business travel
  • Two hour workshop fee: $35
  • Call for class dates

Formal Dining Etiquette Featuring a four-course meal, with wine, the evening's topics include:
  • Navigating different food service styles: tray-passed hors d’hoeurves, buffet service and formal dining
  • Properly setting the table
  • Using the right fork (and spoon) at the right time and in the right way
  • At the table: proper dining (and eating) skills, breaking bread, soup and salad rules, follow the leader skills
  • Dining out skills: when you’re a guest, in a restaurant
  • Making the most of a toast
  • Two hour workshop fee: $85
  • Call for class dates
Successful Business Entertaining How well you handle yourself at the dinner table, a party, a golf course or a tennis court says much about who you are
  • Restaurant entertaining
  • Wine and toasting etiquette
  • Entertaining at private clubs, sporting events and the theater
  • Cocktail parties and receptions
  • Home entertaining
  • Entertaining international visitors
  • Two hour workshop fee: $35
  • Call for class dates

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