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NEW! Manners Boot Camps for Boys (ages 12+, Dads are welcome too!)





Manners Boot Camps :: Social Survival Skills
NEW Boot Camps for Boys! (Ages 12+, Dads are welcome too!)

checkmark Age-appropriate discussions and practice sessions structured specifically designed to turn your tween or teen into tomorrow’s gentlemen. Topics will include Making an Introductions, Appropriate Attire, Conversation Skills, Netiquette, Teen Parties, Mastering Various Dining Situations Skillfully, Apologies, Tact and Discretion, Getting and Keeping a Job, and Everyday Urban Pleasantries.


In a world where things move at a rapid pace and our kids are bombarded with ideas, suggestions and new ways of doing things, it was nice to see a class that taught my daughter to go back to the basics of kindness and politeness. Heather did a wonderful job of mixing old fashion values with the innovation of our times. She enjoyed the social class as well as learned so much from each lesson.

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