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NEW! Girls Social Club Confidence
(Girls Ages 10+)

Designed to encourage girls to embrace their inner beauty as they venture into young-adulthood. We create a safe, judgment-free environment where we work together with the girls to build self-esteem and confidence through interactive lessons including: how to feel confident and make a good first impression; the best ways to handle difficult social situations in-person and online - such as combating cyber-bullying, resolving conflicts with peers and adults, resisting peer pressure, taking responsibility, and being empathetic; how to make and keep friends; the importance of timeliness and organization; how to identify and express feelings; personal grooming and dressing appropriately (in terms of age and setting) and fine dining skills.

I have to admit that my 12-year-old was a bit skeptical at first, but when she came out of his first lesson she was beaming. She had a blast, and ended up loving each class each week! Heather really took extra time to get to know my daughter and had such a terrific rapport with her. She made her feel special and confident each week.

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