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Who should take your classes?
Anyone with the desire to acquire more self confidence through the reinforcement of etiquette and manners. While academics are essential to everyone’s future, similar studies by Harvard University, Stanford Research Institute and The Carnegie Foundation indicate that over 85% of one’s career success is directly connected to one’s social skills.

What age groups do you have classes for?
Our youngest classes are for six to eleven year olds (Proud to be Polite), twelve to fourteen year olds (Confidence is Cool), and high schoolers (Manners Boot Camps). We have many different classes for adults including interview skills, business etiquette, wine etiquette and formal dining etiquette. Additionally, we have found that children retain different concepts at different ages, so continuing classes from year to year offers wonderful reinforcement.

How do you vary the classes?
There is specific curriculum that is developed for each different age group. The methodologies by which we communicate with teens is best to be different from the way we teach someone who is only eight or nine years old. Likewise the adult curriculum is geared toward the every day situations adults find themselves.

When are your classes held?
Summer classes are held in the early evening for kids, tweens and teens. The adult classes are also held in the evenings. Occasionally we may offer a particular series on a Saturday if demand is great enough.

Are parents allowed to attend with their children?
We all know that kids learn manners best from someone other than their parents. Due to the privacy of other students, we do not allow parents to attend the classes.

Do you offer cotillion?
At this time we do not offer cotillion. If demand is great enough we may offer it in the future.

Where are your classes held?
For details please visit our Class Dates & Fees section.

Where are your fees?
For details please visit our Class Dates & Fees section.

How do we sign up?
For details please visit our How to Register page.

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